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Why on earth would you pay for coupons? Because you save big. We created an order that included Betty Crocker Warm Delights desserts, StarKist tuna pouches, Wisk laundry detergent, Ziploc bags, Pillsbury Crescent dinner rolls, and other favorites. If you coordinate your coupons with store sales, you might even get a product free. Compare Check out mygrocerydeals. Key in your zip code and select your favorite stores, everything from bare-bones Aldi to gourmet go-to Whole Foods Market. And a Buy locally.

Buy cheap. But with produce, the opposite is true. When fruit is fresh and in season and the volume is up, the price goes down because grocers have to move perishables quickly. Restaurants At restaurant. Be sure to read the fine print for restrictions first. Think bargain. Compare cell phones and plans at letstalk. Select your preferred carrier the major players are all here , plan family, individual, prepaid , and features camera, Bluetooth, GPS.

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A search for an individual plan and a Verizon Bluetooth phone with a camera yielded 46 phones. Save money by bundling your Internet, phone, and cable services. Compare companies in your area at bundlemyservices. Cell phones. Get cash for your old cell phone at flipswap.

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You can get store credit from participating dealers or trade it in online for cash back to you or to a charity of your choice. The Samsung SPH-a? Long-distance calls. You can even make free video calls with a webcam.

Download free software in 28 languages at skype. Now, call your mother! Free information. Stop calling directory assistance. Call FREE instead for business and personal lookups. Google offers a similar service, Goog Techies love newegg.

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Many items are in limited supply. Compare prescriptions. You can compare the cost of FDA-approved medications at certified pharmacies in the United States at destinationrx. Check out the Options to Consider box for money-saving suggestions, like switching to a comparable but cheaper drug. Zilok Rent just about anything that you might need to use only once: space in a garage, Guitar Hero for a weekend party, a power tool, a pickup truck.

Or maybe you have things in your garage you'd like to rent out to make a few bucks. If so, Zilok. Zilok is a community-driven platform that allows anyone to rent or offer for rent any kind of goods. USA Bookmark this one! It's simple to navigate: Just search by agency or topic how to get grants, health updates in case of a flu outbreak, and more.

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It's a great place to get tax information, register to vote, renew your driver's license, get student financial aid, sign up for unemployment online…and on and on. Or how about changing your car's oil? Well, head on over to FindHow. Clear, concise instructions for all types of projects are just a search away. Learn everything from how to repair scratches on your car to how to install a kitchen sink to how to draw a cartoon. There's no wading through off-base blog posts or irrelevant articles. The information is from reputable companies, colleges and universities.

Starfall This one's just too good to be true. Made possible through the vision of the Polis-Schutz family, who created the electronic greeting card company BlueMountain.

The graphics, sounds and content at Starfall. The Consumerist Prepare to be entertained and educated about the top consumer issues of the day. At Consumerist. Readers are encouraged to give feedback about their everyday experiences as consumers. This is the place to complain about things like warranty repairs that never seem to be covered, health insurance claims that are denied and anything else consumer-related.

Lynda Need software training Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver? Chances are you'll find it at Lynda. Big Huge Labs Imagine having full access to a custom photo lab where you can create photo calendars, jigsaw puzzles, mosaics, trading cards and more—all from your digital photos. That's exactly what you'll find at BigHugeLabs. You'll find fun fonts, unique fonts and handwriting. Coupon Savings Center. WOW Coupons. We currently offer coupons in over 20 cities, and we will be expanding to many more markets in the very near future.

Coupon Trading is a good thing to do if you need some extra coupons for something and you have extra coupons to trade. If you do this, please ship your end of the trade immediately!! Be a good trader please.

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On Phoenix freebies we post our ISO in search of each week. Usually the trades are one coupon to trade for one coupon.

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After you get into a routine trading and have established to others that you are a good trader, most of us just find our weekly traders and just tell each other we are sending some coupons and at that point don't have to list what we are sending because we know it will be good! There are traders there that trade for stamps, paypal, and other items of 'value'. This is my favorite site for getting rebate forms and some times winetags. Have also used it to trade 'free' item coupons. Most traders will trade or like value for like value on 'free' coupons and winetags. Here are some great sites where you can purchase those extra coupons that you need for a HOT sale You can also pay with paypal.