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A signed sales tax exemption form is required for purchase in many states. How much is shipping? Where do I register to see the wholesale prices or create an account with your company? Do you have a catalog? Can I order a sample?


How do I open a credit account with your company? Do you have any current coupon codes or promotions? If I order a large quantity can I get an extra discount?

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May we use your photos on our website or in our catalog? Are your containers food safe or can they be used with lids? I am looking for something that you don't have. Will you special order it for me? I am interested in starting my own floral or gift basket business. Can you help me? What is your minimum order? On the day we picked them up, however, they informed us that they weren't able to get a shipment of the garden roses we ordered, and invited us to browse their cooler to find an alternative.

We picked up peonies that I liked even better than the garden roses I had originally picked, so again, no problem here. Overall, I think flexibility is key. This is a warehouse that is meant for florists, and as such they were not at all helpful when asking questions about care or flower types.

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I imagine that if I had called and spoken to a customer service representative I could have had those questions answered. In addition, the wait times at the warehouse were long and it was often hard to find someone when would help you. Several times the person helping us left and never came back.

However, at the end of the day we had gorgeous flowers for way under budget. I would work with Potomac again. If you love flowers but don't want to spend an arm and a leg for them, this is the place to go.

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Excellent quality and selection but you have to be flexible to adjust to the flowers that are available in season to get a better deal. You don't really know what they'll have available until about 3wks before the order date. We got our flowers from here. It took a while to get someone to help us with our order, but once it was done, it was relatively easy. The flowers were beautiful, and we saved so much money by picking them up ourselves the day before the wedding. If you have a lot of helpers, this is definitely the way to go to.

My bouquets looked professionally made, even though I had no plan when I chose the flowers. I was so happy with the results. Doing wholesale flowers isnt' for everyone -- only the adventurous go-getters on a budget. Such a great deal. I ordered my flowers for DIY wedding bouquets from Potomac Floral online 1 week prior to the wedding.

The wedding was on a Saturday night, and picked the flowers up myself on Thursday afternoon. They to deliver, but since I work nearby I decided to pick them up. They showed me the flowers in the wharehouse when I picked them up to make sure the order was correct. I ordered different varieties of roses and greens. I got the flowers home and began to unwrap them and noticed that one bunch of roses did not look good at all.

The stems were slimey, and a few flowers had mold on them. These were not going to work.

I called the warehouse and told them. At first, the guy on the phone tried to convince me that the flowers where ok and that they would recover, but I told him, no, they can't recover from mold, they are rotting. So, he very politley offered to either exchange the flowers, or give me my money back. They gave me new, fresh roses, unwrapped them in the warehouse to let me see they were in good shape, I was on my way.

This may be an isolated incident, but my advice is to not just check the flowers, but unwrap them and inspect them before buying. I would buy from them again. I ordered flowers for my bouquets and centerpieces online through Potomac Floral and picked them up on Wednesday for my Saturday wedding.


Their warehouse is very disorganized and it took a little while for my sales rep to find my order. One piece of the order was missing but they did their best to fill it on the spot. The flowers opened up by Saturday and really looked great. I saved a lot of money by doing the flowers myself. I wanted to keep it simple and cost efficient. I looked up online video tutorials.

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Did trial runs of our bouquets during the summer heat with flowers from a wholesaler local to me. However, due to not living in NYC I had to find other wholesalers to provide our day of flowers. Potomac was highly recommended to me through a old friend. I opted to go with them due to their proximity to NYC rather than a online wholesaler.

I followed all the steps of being right there to sign for the flowers, have them arrive two days prior to my wedding day to give them time to acclimate. Feed them flower food, continually spritz them with water, keep them in a cool sterile environment. When the flowers came, they were in horrible condition.

The flowers were placed in plastic covers with no breathing holes. A lot of the greenery were rotted. Granted it was humid out and summer, but don't you think a florist should know to put breathing holes in the plastic? Thankfully I ordered enough extra because I ended up throwing out half the flowers because they never made it.

One example: Of the dozen tiny gerbera daisies I ordered for my husband's bout I only needed ONE none of them made it. I ended up just making his bout the same as the groomsman. After the wedding I emailed Potomac telling them the bad conditions their flowers arrived in. I wanted an apology, or an acknowledgment. We have money-saving programs for every event. Come talk to us!