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After that, Libby and I were Libby very upset. One day, while property.

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Condominium Insurance. Coverage for your condominium unit, and more. Coverage for your personal property. Your policy protects your unit and personal property if damaged by perils such as smoke, fire, hurricane,hail, theft and vandalism and more. Superior coverages at an affordable price. Great coverages are just part of the benefits of a Liberty Mutual condominium policy. There arealso a number of discounts and credits that may save you money.

Discount based on the presence and type of device. They operate in all 50 states and are among the Fortuneno-obligation Toll Free largest U. As a leading provider of car and homequote Phone Fax insurance, Liberty Mutual offers competitive rates and hassle-free james. Coverage provided and underwritten by Liberty MutualSe Habla www. All rights reserved. The descriptions of coverage listed in this ad are necessarily brief and are subject to provisions, limitations and exclusions that can only be expressed in the policy and related endorsements. Discounts and creditsare available where state laws and regulations allow and may vary by state.

For a complete statement of coverage, please consult your policy and related endorsements. Liberty Mutual is an Equal Housing Insurer. He left us all in As we started the New Year it was ance on March 3rd at Miramar December began with a busload a very good mood. Club but assists in making ourof over a thousand members of all What follows January in Bocce? Village an Active and Viable Com-ages, starting with tiny infants. February follows Janu- We ended the month with our munity.

After the show, we had a lovely ary in anything! Submitted byrant. Several of them to celebrate their 41st Anniversary. We wanted We also had the installation of ourformed us that all the boats are in them to play every week on our officers namely President El-good shape, but unfortunately teams. Anyone taking out though and Secretary Marjie West.

Angie Picarillo and Fred Atwell. There are three teams that are We are now looking forward to our Four new members were wel- vying for second place. They are Pizza and Chicken Wing Picniccomed at this meeting. Also, we Teams 1, 3 and 6 with 5 wins and Meeting on February 26th at CBwere informed of an additional 3 losses. We play on the residents. A Century Village instructor will set up anInc.

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Refresh-ices lack. If you are interested con- For more information calltreated to a performance by a one tact Carolyn Lawrence Pres. Vito Mannino man band — Marty Kaye. He Then he sang someoperatic solos. He amazed us byplaying an EWI electronic wind in-strument. Its sounds are similarto those of piano, trumpet andother instruments.

After somemore singalongs, he ended withGet the most of what Century Village has for you! Loaded with equipment, clubs, supplies and aids with assistance to help your game. Established by computer analysis of your scores Help is Always Available! Look around. We are passionate about cleaning and it shows! IVAN He leads a trump back to his ace and ruffs his last club in dummy. The guards are After regaining my composure, I doing their job contacted our gardener and after and it is for your surveying the damage, he advised me that we would have to put a lot protection.

It residents have took 52 tons of rock to do this task been abusive to at quite a large expense. I then the guards. I must say that when it was all completed, it looked a lot better than before, but ended up costing us as much as our first house did!! Flamingo Rd. Thank you Pembroke Pines, FL Thank you to the following donors of can tabs, eye glasses and wool.

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Not valid with free pickup service. Please advise all visitors debbie derbytwo. Thank you. Tell hang around.

In other words — and keep you in place. Walk out. After that tell him that al- suits to or back from the cleaners, a busy signal. Every time things that need to get done in the skinned, blue eyed Caucasian. My Tell him also that parents tell theirI ask him to help with household house.

And hair.

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When Dear Solutions: These daysbecoming a widow. I work part acceptable word and attitude. I got very angry ried but that means they want totalked seriously with him but he months and I like him a lot. The at a woman who ignored me and lean on me also. What people like that. If he disbelief. Write to Helen Oxenberg, wait five minutes and then leave. I thought it cap- more urgently to play at some-the wax.

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Melt away any remaining Some manufacturers sell brands tured the spirit and draw of the thing, to excel at something, towax by pouring boiling water over that they claim are specially for- game and perhaps might inspire focus on something purely funthe candlestick or immersing it in mulated for microwave tasks.

But for simple microwaving, What really counts is spendingor plastic, point a hair dryer at the there is no need to pay extra for Why do older folks play pickle- time with wonderful people,wax and blot with paper toweling these specialty products. Any ball? The court is smaller than a united in a passion for the pursuitas it melts.

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Be careful not to over- strong, absorbent, plain white un- tennis court, allowing them to of excellence, in the face of de-heat wood because it can crack. Use a commercial glass ers? Yes, of course. The paddle is whom play with debilitating med-cleaner and soft cloth to clean the cleaning product or one part vine- smaller than a tennis racquet, al- ical conditions and pain thatexterior.

Wipe up any spills in the gar or ammonia and eight parts lowing older players to manipulate would leave many less motivatedinterior immediately. Polish with old strain on their battle-scarred bod-floor of the oven with a hot, damp newspapers or a lint-free cloth, or ies?

Yes to that, too. The ball is Do not misunderstand: oldercloth. Wash removable parts, such dry with a squeegee. In areas made of light plastic with holes in people play pickleball not in spiteas the turntable, in hot water and where mirrors tend to fog up— it, allowing for spin and pace with of being old, nor because they aredishwashing liquid. No, they play pickleball be- product formulated for automo- Yes, certainly.

Remove hair does tennis, but allows a bit more ish. Most of my friends play withjuice in the oven and run it on spray residue with a cloth damp- reaction time than does ping pong, the full intention of playing ashigh for one minute. Remove the ened with rubbing alcohol. Dust with a soft cloth all ages? The social aspect of affirmation of life and a celebra-have formed to clean it. Wipe as needed, and remove visible pickleball affords older, retired tion of the human spirit.

Repeat grime on the instrument with a people the opportunity to meetif necessary.

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Scrape off stubborn cotton ball or cotton swab that new people living through similar Submitted bystains with a plastic credit card. Yes, yes, and yes. For modest microwaving pieces with the alcohol, or use achores like steaming fish or poul- special antiseptic cleanser ontry, cooking vegetables or bacon, these areas. In many instances, vehicles parked in the roadway have been ob- structing Fire Rescue trucks. When used regularly, whitening in reading this article, your choice Other toothpastes offer a combina- toothpastes can make teeth look with regards to toothpaste may be By Russell Kotch, D.

In order to know which tooth- make teeth more sensitive. Russellcery store or pharmacy. While peo- also carefully read the back of the P.